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1000 pt wood elf army suitable for Warmaster Revolutions

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This listing is for a bulk army deal including enough troops to field a 1000 point army suitable for Warmaster revolutions and other excellent game systems. If bought individually, the contents would cost $62 USD. This army deal represents a savings of $17

Army deal includes:

 1 lord on stag from character pack

1 wood elf mage from character pack

1 treeman

9 greater forest spirits

2 units of dryads (12 strips)

1 unit of eternal guard (6 strips)

2 units of archers (24 strips)

2 units of stag riders (12 strips) 

  Bases are not included. Models are 10mm scale and printed in fine detail UV curing resin.

Models will come washed and cured and ready to prime.

 If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at

Mcdougall designs is not affiliated with the Warmaster revolutions project. Army set sold as an approximation based on available documents.