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McDougall Designs

EM4 5 plastic Ganger miniatures

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EM4 products will be on regular refreshment. However, if we are out of immediate stock-on-hand EM4 items will be treated as special order items and will be filled upon receipt of stock.

    • 5 Plastic gangers miniatures
    • 28mm scale miniatures
    • Interchangeable weapons and backpacks
    • Includes bases
    • Designed for eM4's Combat Zone but suitable for near future & scifi games

    Turf and resources are scarce and only the most brutal gangs can survice. Armed with scavenged weapons, stolen tech and grit, these ganger are brutal warriors on any battlefield.

    The set includes 5 miniatures which can snap together without the use of glue.

    The sprue contains Interchangeable weapons and backpacks allowing you to arm your squad with small arms, rifles and close combat weapons.

    5 plastic bases included.

    WARNING CHOKING HAZARD contains small parts.

WARNING CHOKING HAZARD contains small parts.

 Painted models provider by customer with permission.