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McDougall Designs

McDougall Designs Customs SAGA-compatible 4 point Warband: Teutonic order

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PRE-ORDER: This item is a pre-order item. Product will ship by month-end of September 2022.

This custom sprue pack contains all you need to build and paint a 4 point Warband suitable for the SAGA wargaming system.* This sprue pack contains:

1 3D printed Caballero Warrior priest (Warlord)

1 sprue Fireforge Teutonic order infantry command (4 miniatures)

2 sprues Fireforge Teutonic order infantry (20 miniatures)

1 sprue Fireforge Foot Sergeants (8 miniatures)

Please note McDougall Designs is not directly or indirectly affiliated with SAGA, its developers or publishers. recommended usage for this sprue pack is for example purposes only.