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Medbury miniatures Early 14th century Scottish pikemen (empty hands)

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This listing is for physical prints of the Medbury miniatures Early 14th century Scottish pikemen.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to prior experience with printed pikes and spears breaking in shipment, these models will only be offered with open hands and no pikes. The models are designed with the spears separate so you can use wire spears/pikes. 

There are 12 poses. Orders containing multiples will receive a mix of the poses available, as well as mirrored poses for more options. Command models will be provided on orders of 20 or more models, or by emailed request on orders of 10 models (

Bases are NOT included. Some miniatures come in parts. All orders are made up of a random selection of the poses available, unless requested in cart notes or an email.

Any painted examples are from the store owner's personal collection and are for example purposes only.