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Wargames Atlantic Reptilian Overlords space-nam

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This item is currently on backorder. Manufacturer states my stock should ship by end of january 2023. any orders placed between 1/19/23 until this is delivered will be fulfilled upon receiving stock

This listing is for one (1) box of Wargames Atlantic Reptilian Overlords space-nam.

We have limited stock on hand, but this item is constantly replenished. If you would like bulk quantities, please email us


From the depths of jungle worlds where even the plant life will eat you to the cold, ozone-scented corridors of derelict space freighters, Reptilian Overlords’ SPACENAM are the perfect models to take on ravaging alien invaders, zombie hordes, or even rogue AI.

This 20 figure hard plastic set includes an armory full of interesting weapons including standard rifles, blast pistols, edged weapons, grenades, flame throwers, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, and plasma and heat weapons.

5 sprues included to build 20 models.

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included. Product contents may vary from photos.

Sculpting: Reptilian Overlords

Illustration: Orniris Terensi

Figure Painting: Pete Harrison