Welcome to McDougall Designs!

We carry a host of miniature ranges to reinforce your wargaming armies including: Wargames Atlantic, Mantic, Fireforge, Warlord Games, and all at discounted prices off of manufacturers retail!

Wargames Atlantic - $30 per regular box set ($34.95 MSRP), spacenam $35, bases $12.50, others similar.

Single sprues available!

Mantic games main catalog - 20%

Mantic Direct items - 10% off


Warlord Games MAP pricing roughly 15% off

Perry miniatures, Oathmark, Stargrave, Frostgrave - discounted as margin from distribution allows

scouts out ww1 skirmish - 14.50 for patrols of 5, 12.50 for specialist blister packs

May - June notice