Special Order Information

McDougall Designs carries miniatures from a wide swathe of the manufacturers available on the market.

Shelf space in the store is at a premium, so while I keep as much stock as physically possible on my shelf, I cannot keep every product code in stock 24/7.

Due to this, McDougall Designs accepts special orders for the following manufacturers/brands:

Wargames Atlantic (Bulk purchase requests)

Mantic games

Warlord games, including all game systems.

Fireforge Games


Shieldwolf miniatures

Gripping Beast Miniatures

Perry Miniatures

Conquest/Para-bellum wargames

Firelock games

EM4 miniatures (In cases of product being sold over current stock levels and items not featured on the storefront.)

If your preferred brand is not listed do not fear! There is always the possibility that one of my distributors carries the product you want and I can quote you a price.

key things to note about special orders:

1. McDougall Designs generally places stock orders around the 10th of the month.*,

In order to facilitate shipment in relation to prior planned engagements in may, May's special order deadline is 5/01/23 at 11:59 AM

2. Some special order items are available on my storefront as product codes. most items are not. If you are interested in any of the above ranges the best way to get a full, accurate and complete price quote is to email me.


3. Distributors and manufacturers generally send out stock orders to me within 2 days of payment from my end. Usually such orders arrive within roughly 3 days.

4. Price quotes will have relevant discount levels attached (For example, mantic main-catalog items are 20% off)

 5. Orders including special order products will be held for shipment pending the receipt of said product from my distributor or the manufacturer. What this means is, order items that are in-stock separately unless you want them held until your other items arrive.

*McDougall designs reserves the right to extend or change special order deadlines.