5 reasons why you should try Scouts Out.

Greetings all. As you may have seen, I've been posting quite a bit of content about Scouts out since I brought the product line to the store last month.

This is truly an exciting time in miniature wargaming, with many new games and miniatures lines launching in the market all the time.


So what makes Scouts out worth a try over other games? In no particular order:


1. It's quick to play: Scouts out is a squad based skirmish game. It takes roughly 30 minutes to play a match, maybe stretching to 45 if you are coming to grips with the rules.


2. It's squad based: low model count games are an easy way to bring new players into the hobby and give them their first taste of wargaming. A small squad is less daunting to control than large armies of many figures. Plus, scouts out is perfect for injecting narrative elements into your squad or how their actions play out on the tabletop.


3. It's inexpensive: Blister packs run between $12 and $15 USD. The rulebook comes in under $40. And you can supplement the official blisters with low cost alternatives such as Wargames Atlantic plastic sprues. I'm proud to have both model lines in store as they complement each other.


4. The minis have plenty of character: Chris, the owher and producer of scouts out has truly outdone himself with the official model line. The official models are dynamic without being overly complicated. They all have plenty of charm and accent details like cloaks are well sculpted.


5. They are even cheaper right now: Currently, due to my summer sale, customers will receive an extra 5% off thier order total at checkout. The sale lasts until June 22nd. This means it's even cheaper to game. Under $100 in investment even if you add a rulebook to your order. Perfect for coffe table gaming without regrets.


If you missed my previous blog posts, you can find links below. There will also be links to the collection's page here on my storefront.


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Sprues a-la-carte:


Thank you for reading this blog post, and I hope you have an enjoyable day.

Hapoy gaming,


Max Mcdougall

Mcdougall Designs