Fireforge Games Products return to the store!

Fireforge Games Products return to the store!

If you are reading this, you are on a page dedicated to Fireforge miniatures Items, or are reading the main blog-post announcement posted on 2-10-24.

I am happy to announce that I have received trade documents from Fireforge Games, and will now be able to sell their products as a retailer. You can navigate to view Fireforge products via the navigation menu at the top of the webstore page.

Fireforge Items are special order, however Fireforge is a unique situation that unfortunately must be handled differently to all other special orders (for the moment.)

I fully intend to have Fireforge integrated into the normal special order process, but for the first or second order items are still untested and I would like to avoid purchasing stock that might otherwise sit “dead” on my shelf. For this reason, at least the first order from Fireforge will be handled as described below, and also so that I may gather information on sought after products.

Fireforge Requires 30-40 box minimum orders for trade partners. Instead of a time-based deadline for Fireforge special orders, a stock order will be placed when 30 plastic boxed sets (or more / or additional resin miniatures sets) have been ordered as described below.

Due to this, you may purchase Fireforge products listed on this website in one of two ways:

  1. You may add items to cart and purchase normally. Your order will be held until the stock order is placed.


  1. You may email a list of products you are interested in. A draft order will be generated, and your contact information recorded. When the above-mentioned amount of products are on the overall McDougall Designs order sheet (including your requested order), you will be invoiced for this draft order. In this way, you can register interest in product but delay payment until stock order requirements are met.


Upon full payment of outstanding special orders from both option 1 and option 2 above, a stock order will be placed with Fireforge Games. These products are shipping via commercial freight methods from ITALY.  Once products arrive at McDougall Designs, they will be checked in and then immediately packed for shipment to customers.


Please note: If a prospective customer via either one of the above methods cancels their order, or otherwise does not complete the invoice sent to them, their requested products will be removed from the McDougall designs order sheet and all affected customers will receive an email communication. The stock order will be delayed until the removed number of boxed sets is restored by other orders/order requests.


If The number of ordered and requested items is insufficient for a stock order to be placed after a 3 week period (which will begin after the current stock request is received at McDougall designs), affected customers who have already paid will be contacted and asked if they wish to keep their order or cancel their order and have their paid funds refunded. For this first order, the above mentioned 3 week period starts 2-10-24 – 11:59 AM EST.


No discounts will apply to Fireforge products. The freight costs are such that providing a discount would wipe out any margin and make these impossible to break even on. Prices will be USD MSRP.

A-La-Carte sprue options are not available for the first Fireforge games special order, but will appear once completed. Offerings will expand with future special order periods.