Holiday News Bulletin! Shipping deadlines, preorders, and more!

Holiday News Bulletin! Shipping deadlines, preorders, and more!

Greetings all.

It is the officially the holiday season. Black Friday weekend is over, and we look ahead to December and the new year. With this in mind, I have a few updates and announcements:

1. 3D PRINTING ONLY is still backlogged. I am still working to clear the large amount of 3D printing orders I was inundated with. Orders are still making it out, slowly. This should speed up after next week, as I have a set of parts due to arrive. More updates to follow.

2. This means ALL MAIN-LINE MANUFACTURER ITEMS I sell are available for order. I've had to explain this several times, so I will endeavor to make the landing page more clear.

3. HOLIDAY SHIPPING Deadline - The deadline for shipping, if expected for Christmas, is Before 11:59pm on Tuesday, December 13th. The USPS, my main shipping provider, has a deadline of the 17th, however i have a pre-existing commitment that day and the day prior, so I am setting my deadline earlier to compensate.

in the same vein:

4. ALL STOCK ORDERS FOR DECEMBER WILL BE PLACED ON THE 5TH OF DECEMBER 2022, in order to hopefully arrive in time to meet my shipping deadline. this means Mantic, Fireforge games, shieldwolf, warlord games, and wargames Atlantic (if ordering bulk.) email if you need a quote.

5. Mantic preorders for December are now live on the store. Specifically

MGKWS406   Salamander Ghekkotah Slasher
MGKWS204   Salamander Clan Lord on Firedrake
MGKWU104   Undead Wights Regiment
MGKWR401   Trident Realm of Neritica: Gigas
MGKWO305   Orc Chariots/fight wagons
MGKWT203   Empire of Dust Revenant Champion/Army Standard Bearer
MGKWT310   Empire of Dust Sandborne Wyrmriders Regiment


You can search for them using either the product code at the left, or the set name at right.

6. The clearance section still has some deals left, so grab them while you can!

7. My stock order of Ooh Rah from Wargames Atlantic have just been dispatched from the US warehouse. If you have an outstanding preorder of the ooh rah kit or sprues, it will be filled upon arrival. Harvesters and landsknecht ogres still look to be a December release.

Shipping, as always, remains free past $100 in order value for domestic Us customers.


If you have any questions, or would like to reach out about an order, please email me at If you are contacting me about an outstanding order, please have your order # ready if possible.