Individual Frame News and sci-fi desert fighters conversion

Individual Frame News and sci-fi desert fighters conversion


Due to overwhelming popularity, Northstar individual frames will now be kept in stock continuously, as opposed to being strictly special order items.

This means a greater availability of individual sprues for Frostgrave, Oathmark, and Stargrave. There have been a limited number of roughly 20 different sets across the mentioned ranges that have had further inventory added, and stock levels should be populating appropriately.

And now is a great time to pick up such sprues. I have found the stargrave sprues especially helpful with soaking up excess parts from the bits box. Such as the following two figures. Parts lists are notated into the image.



These were painted in a "Slap-Chop" Method. The figures were drybrushed with two successively brighter levels of grey from a back undercoat. 

After this, contrast paints were applied, and the trooper's armor received a drybrush of Mechanicus Standard Grey from Games Workshop.

The new textured bases from @Wargames Atlantic they are glued to ( available in boxes of 48 or individual frames of 12) were painted using an enhanced version of the method Charlie from Wargames Atlantic suggested in his recent article.

After drybrushing the base in successive layers of grey, the textured portion of the base recieved a wash of Aragos dunes contrast paint, followed by a drybrushing of filthy brown from Vallejo Game color.

If you are interested in individual frames, or would like to simply jump into converting models, please visit my individual frame collection, linked below.

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