Mantic Games Preorders August part 1: Firefight

Mantic Games Preorders August part 1: Firefight

Mantic preorders for august have dropped, and are including a bevy of new releases celebrating the new Firefight command protocols book!

Preorder page linked above.

A standout here is a boxed set of 3 wolverine tanks from Archon studios which have joined the GCPS armory in mantic's inventory. The hard plastic tank also comes with a resin APC turret. This pack of 3 tanks normally costs $100, but through my shop you can snag it for $80 USD plus shipping (if your order doesn't clear my free shipping threshholds.)

This means this 3 tank boxed set is perfect for building up an armored assault company or just adding a few tanks to support your waves of sci-fi infantry.

Other preorders include two variants on a 2-player starter set. The first features the enforcers and Marauders factions, and the second includes forge fathers and vyr-myn miniatures.

There is also the enforcer pathfinder recon force, including two drones from Warlord games catalog to bolster your superhuman forces

The GCPS, Enforcers, and plague have also all got a variant of one of thier vehicles with some upgrades. The plague get a mule that has a mortar in the back, the enforcers get a flier with a sensor array, and the GCPS get a gunship variant of the hornet.


That's it for the first group of Mantic Preorders for august. Armada preorders are up next, and will be added to the webstore shortly. They include a whole new fleet, the Abyssal Dwarves!