Manufacturer spotlight: Wargames Atlantic and The Damned

Manufacturer spotlight: Wargames Atlantic and The Damned

I've decided to do a manufacturer spotlight series discussing the various manufacturers that I carry. As well as what they can be used for to add your hobby collections.


Starting with Wargames Atlantic. Opened in 2019, Wargames Atlantic has proceeded to blaze a path in the hard plastic wargaming market. They've launched over 25 boxed sets for a multi-faceted collection of fantasy, sci fi and historical time periods.

 Wargames atlantic has also partnered with major creators in the industry to make plastics, like the upcoming Quar and the SpaceNam from reptilian Overlords.

The company's death fields range is particularly ideal for mass combat games and 40k projects, bringing with it plenty of human and humanoid figures to fill out imperial armies as well as some xenos factions.

 I have a plan currently in motion to use the lizardmen kit, and it's built in mix of ak47s and matchlock guns to make a horde of enemy alien warriors.

But besides all of that, Wargames Atlantic has been an innovative wargaming company. Back in November 2022 they launched Atlantic digital, becoming one of the first hard plastic wargaming manufacturers to offer digital STL kits. 

They've now got 81 STL kits, and I've actually used the Les grognard ogres kit in combination with extra plastic parts to make my B company ogryns.

And now, with the help of mini-wargaming, they are bringing out a full army all at once: The Damned. Including infantry, cavalry, command, heavy weapons, ogre-sized troops, and more.

That's the preview page, but the damned are as close an equivalent to traitor guard as you can come. I can see them being used for plenty of alt sci-fi projects as wastelanders as well. 

There looks to be plenty of stretch goals with free sprues. Indeed, you can get a free sprue of the basic Infantry added to your rewards if you follow the campaign, and then when it launches you back it.

McDougall Designs will be carrying these boxed sets when they hit retail, and will also be offering single sprues and select sprue packs. 

For my own projects, I will be forming a geurillas warfare imperial guard unit based around the damned bodies and 3d printed heads wearing corvid-looking masks.

Indeed these seem like a highly adaptable set of models all around, as the basic design is mainly battle damage, with no distinct symbology that would otherwise need to be removed.

The campaign begins on the 26th of may, so just over a week to go.

Until the next update; happy gaming,