Medical Emergency - follow up 6-22-23

Greetings all,

I wanted to follow up on my blog post from last week stating there would be a further delay in shipment as I am dealing with an emergency medical issue.

Suffice to say, that I am still detained by said issue, after a medical emergency with a member of my party while accompanying me on my work research trip / partial vacation.

As of now, I will be detained here at minimum until Friday, however that is still up in the air. I hope to return home and begin shipment of all current open orders early next week.

I will keep you all posted via blog posts. If you would like any changes to your orders, please email and I will assist within 24 hours.

The summer sale will continue to run until I return home. If you do not mind the wait, please feel free to take advantage of the extra 5% off your order total (automatically applied at checkout.)


All the best and happy hobbying,

Maxwell McDougall

Owner, McDougall Designs.