Processing time, and making lemonade.

Sometimes, life gives you lemons.

Sometimes, life tells you your supports have problems.

At Mcdougall Designs I endeavor to get all orders printed, packaged and out to my customers as soon as possible.

In order to do this, I process orders in sequence to when they are received. My current processing times are 10 -15 business days from date of order.

This policy allows me to have a day off per week like other working professionals, as well as allows for situations where maintenance is required on my machines.

This is one of those times. During post processing, I noticed my supports on these magma dwarf blunderbuss infantry failed, causing the blunderbusses themselves to either partially form of not form at all 

When this happens, as it did with the left most 10mm dwarf above, it can cause the part to fail, and one of the possibilities is an adhesion on the FEP film. (I will add a photo after I do the clean up process so there is context.

For those new to printing, the FEP film is the bottom of the vat, and sits between the LcD screen (and additional screen protector layer) and the print bed.

In laymen's terms, this foreshadows a half hour of clean up, which may or may not yield a fixed and usable vat based on the severity of the adhesion/fail. Not to mention the extra time that will be spent fixing supports and reprinting.

Luckily, it seems these adhesions will be a relatively easy clean up, but it does mean I'm not printing anything more until this afternoon at the earliest. (Update: maintenance ongoing. 9 pm est)

The FEP is designed to be replaced after wear and tear or if damaged, but this also takes time.

I hope this window into printing is informative. I would rather my customers know why my processing times are on the longer side of the industry.

I want to provide you with the best quality products, and I won't settle for doing things half--way on maintenance, either.


Happy gaming,


Max M.

Mcdougall Designs