Scouts out: German officers blister in review

Scouts out: German officers blister in review

McDougall Designs has been  happy to partner with small companies and makers of all sizes in order to bring their products to the larger wargaming market.

Today I bring you a short review of the Scouts out: German officer blister. Which I must say, for a small manufacturer making his own figures, has some pretty exceptional packaging design.

product page:

This blister pack contains 2 high detail resin miniatures to lead your German patrols to war. This would make a great companion set to the Wargames Atlantic ww1 German infantry if you are looking to expand into a full army.

So, whats in the box?

The models are crisp, with zero flash. The rifle on the right hand figure was slightly bent, but I took care of that by submerging in warm water and straightening.

I'm excited to paint up the left hand figure, as he is just the sort of leader figure that oozes painting potential, with the dynamic cloak and the trench-shield.

Here's how the officers stack up to Wargames Atlantic Germans. Unfortunately I didn't have any of the WW1 Germans to hand, so their slightly further along brethren from the WW2 range will have to sub in.

From left to right: Scouts out, Wargames Atlantic Panzer lehr, scouts out, Wargames Atlantic WW2 German sentries officer with sci fi pistol arm.

I'll post a blog update when I have the officers painted. Until then, you can find the full scouts out range (Including the full color rulebook) at the link below:

There is more planned for this range, and I look forward to carrying it in my store as it expands.


Associated Facebook group for the skirmish game attached to these models. I will be writing a review for the rulebook soon.