Shipping policy change and news update 7/13/2022

Greetings to my customers, friends and fellow hobbyists the world over.


As you may know, the Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant supply-chain issues have caused shipping prices to soar over the last few years. Unfortunately, these rising costs have crashed home here at McDougall Designs.

In preparation for shipping the Mantic games products currently on their way to me, I have done some research into shipping costs for larger box sizes and weights. Especially for the size and weight you would expect to see with regards to army sets.

After looking at the numbers, I have decided (effective immediately) to raise the free shipping threshold on domestic plastics orders to $100. Orders ranging between $50 and $99.99 will have a flat $10 shipping fee.

International rates have also varied wildly, but as less than 10% of my sales are international I intend to deal with these on a case by case basis. I will be keeping an eye on the situation and will make an update on the blog for transparency.

Thank you all for your continued support of my small business, especially through these uncertain times.


Happy gaming,

Max McDougall