Skeletons chariots: Arrival and build guide.

Skeletons chariots: Arrival and build guide.

The new Wargames Atlantic Skeleton chariots and Cavalry set has arrived - a day earlier than scheduled!

Orders including this set or a-la-carte sprues will ship over the next 24-48 hours. 

In the meantime, and to prepare you for assembling your newfound Osseous reinforcements, I have prepared a build guide for the chariot, as the set is without instructions.

Step 1:  Assemble the main body of the chariot sans wheels

Small drops of your glue of choice will suffice on the connection points. I use plastic cement. My personal choice in such cement is testors brand, though Tamiya or citadel would work just the same.

I started with the front, wide piece. once this was secure on the "deck" of the chariot, you can glue your choice of flank pieces. I chose the flank pieces with leather/cloth covering, but there is a pair of uncovered variants available.

Step 2: Build horses.

From the main cavalry sprues, clip out the two horses. These are two pieces each, and glue together relatively easily. I would wait to glue the yoke connection pieces to the horses until step 4.

Step 3: Attach wheels and yoke piece 1 (the long arm) to the main chariot body.

There is a channel that runs under the main body that will accept the long arm's connection piece. The wheels only attach in one way, based on the peg that extends from either side of the main chariot body. Make sure you look at the connection joinery to avoid causing damage. 

After attaching the main yoke piece and wheels, you'll want to attach the arm that extends over the backs of the horses. Note the connection point which is just on top of the first sculpted detail from the end. The detail looks like rope ties.

After this is attached, go ahead and place the connection/rest pieces on the horses.

One small dot of plastic cement will suffice for these. they just out from the side of the horses oddly, but I assure you this is correct.

Keep the horses and chariot (and crew) separate for painting, so you can reach all corners for painting purposes.

Just resting the components of the chariot together gives you the following completed chariot:

And this is a photo with crew tacked in but not glued in.

A full review of the Skeleton cavalry and chariots set will be forthcoming once I have built and painted a set.

If you would like to purchase the set, or individual sprues from it, they are available in my store. See the links below.

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