Storming onto the field with conversions aplenty!

Hello everyone.

New product line, new blog post.

I have recently added Mantic Games products to my webstore. As I like to convert, I took some of the new stormforged orcs and added heads from the Wargames Atlantic Einherjar plastic set.

The heads are small, but are just in scale to not only fit the neck join, but accentuate the body-builder asthetic of the stormforged orcs' arms.


Both kits are available for purchase, although I only have stormforged orcs in packs of 10 on my ready-shelf. Boxed sets of 20 would have to be special ordered, at the usual mantic 20% discount.

You get 5 heads on the einherjar sprue which are suitable for this project. Each head has a camera/spotlight/rangefinder modeled onto the side of the helmet that you will have to remove with a hobby knife and clippers.

then its just a simple matter of building and painting.

happy gaming,

Max McDougall.