Summer sale update 6/5/23


Thanks to everyone who has purchased during my summer sale. It has been lovely to see everyone picking up Scouts Out and other new products. For those of you who need a refresher, information is below.


Due to circumstances outside of my control, I will be having a temporary period where I will be unable to ship any and all packages. As Shopify does not have a "pause store" option, I am leaving the storefront open for business and placing this notice.

To clarify, I am not closing down the store. You may still order. Only shipment is delayed. The above mentioned circumstances are not a negative thing. In fact, there is a positive reason behind the temporary no-shipping period. I am not at liberty to divulge details at this point.

As a thank you for ordering from my business and accepting the delay in shipment: All orders placed between 5/16/23 and 6/20/23 will have an automatic 5% discount on your order total applied at checkout.

All orders placed between 5/24/23 and 6/20/23 will be shipped on 6/22/23 if items are from stock.

The next stock order for special order items will be placed on 6/10/23. All special order items will be shipped upon receipt from manufacturer however I expect all items to be delivered to the office by my return on the 22nd.

Mantic direct items do not qualify for the extra 5% off. They remain a standard 10% off.

If you need anything from mantic games, fireforge games, warlord games plastics, Perry or gripping beast, conquest products and more: now is the perfect time to order and receive the sale discount 

If you would like any changes made to an existing order, or would like to place a special order, please contact me at


In other news, scouts out has been the hottest selling game line I've brought in. This fast paced WW1 skirmish game is great for a weekly game night, as games can be played in under 1 hour.

If you are interested in WW1, this is the game to try. Furthermore, I have confirmed that there are plenty of items coming to market to expand the game.

From a campaign booklet to a new faction (Bosnians) there are plenty of cool WW1 models coming out over the remainder of the year and Mcdougall Designs is proud to support smaller gaming systems such as this.

In terms of grand scale wargaming news, our partners at Wargames Atlantic have launched their gamefound crowd funding campaign for "The Damned". These excellent new sci Fi miniatures promise 5+ kits of chaotic goodness.

Mcdougall Designs has backed the campaign, and will be bringing this new range from Wargames Atlantic in as full boxes and a-la-carte sprue options. Once the campaign concludes and Fulfillment eventually begins, this new product line will go on pre-order on the McDougall designs storefront.

Finally but not least, The anniversary of D-Day is coming up tommow on the 6th of June.

As a commenerative jesture to celebrate those who lost their lives defending the free world from tyranny, All bolt action special orders will receive an extra 5% off bolt action items until the end of the above mentioned summer sale. Meaning that all bolt action items special ordered by 6/10/23 will receive a total 10% off. Enquire by email for availability, as Warlord limits what products I can order in.

Thank you for your continued support of my small business.

Max McDougall

McDougall Designs LLC