Transparency update 1-10-23

Greetings everyone!

Well, we've made it into a new year. 2023 is here. What does it mean for McDougall Designs?

Well, a few things.

1. 3D printing will be changingThe long run of dealing with maintenance issues and clearing a gigantic backlog of orders have taught me some valuable lessons.

Firstly, I can't over-extend myself anymore. Several 3D Printing customers have been waiting patiently for an extended period while i work on or towards their order in my queue.

As such, once the 3D printing orders remaining in my queue are cleared, I will be opening up 3D printing for orders again. The following is a rough estimation of what I am working towards:

3D printing queue status will ALWAYS be posted at the top of the front page of the website.

I will be limiting the number of orders I take in, towards a goal of limiting wait times. The number of order slots available in the queue will be posted and updated at the top of the front page of the website.

2. Special orders 

While I have not completely solved my distributor issue that came to light late into December, I can confirm that the following ranges are available for special order from McDougall designs:

Mantic Games - available via the McDougall designs website and by quote at 20% off main catalog, 10% on mantic direct items.

Fireforge Games - Temporarily available via quote at Fireforge will be returning to the website, however prices may be closer to MSRP based on available margins. sprue inventory will be refreshed.

Firelock games - Firelock has extended a trade account to me. I look forward to bringing this range into the shop. available via quote at for the moment. A limited selection will be making their way to the online store shortly.

Warlord games - available via emailed quote to

Shieldwolf - available via emailed quote to I don't intend to restock the physical store shelves, as the initial product set i ordered didn't sell well.

Victrix  - I'm hoping to resolve my capital issues and place an initial stock order. Due to victrix's shipping policies and import fees, Victrix products will be MSRP. Discounts will be available for bulk orders, please message for information.


3. Sprues

Sprues have been a contributing factor in McDougall designs' success so far, and I am looking to expand the selection on offer. More to come in Q1.

4. Shipping

Shipping will be staying at the current price ranges for the foreseeable future. having said that, I have noticed prices steadily increasing. As a small business, I can only absorb these costs up unto a point, and I am advising my customer base now that there may be an adjustment to shipping prices to compensate.

I only foresee shipping rates for orders under $100 USD going up, as I am hoping to keep my free domestic shipping for orders over $100 USD offer available as long as humanly possible.

Happy gaming,

Max McDougall