Twilight kin, starter sets, ambush sets, and affordability.

Twilight kin, starter sets, ambush sets, and affordability.

Greetings all,

The points costs and army list for Twilight kin have been added to mantics companion application, so today I'd like to take a moment to talk about the affordability of kings of War. And why the Twilight can have a low barrier of entry with a wide variety of units.

The above hinges on the affordability of mantic's starter sets and "ambush" combo sets. If you split the raging void two player starter set ($104 from Mcdougall Designs)with a friend, you are paying roughly $52 per player for about 600 points.

You can realistically double that, if you're prospective gaming buddy splits a second set with you. That way you are both spending roughly what you would on one starter set and getting over a thousand points each, and the rule book if you don't already have it.

Then, you can add a Twilight kin ambush set ($36) to your army to fill out ranks. Either making one of your Corsair regiments into a horde, or just adding another regiment. In addition, you will be able to upgrade one of your impaled regiments to a horde. If you get creative with multi-basing, you can make that two hordes.

Fun part with Twilight Kin is that they have access to some nightstalkers units, and thus can take advantage of the night stalker ambush set ($40). In this way you can get a unit of bound reapers and a hard-hitting unit of butchers, adding variety and more line busting power to your force.

Even if you don't add The nightstalker ambush set, you're still hitting roughly the 1500 point mark after magic items which is a fairly solid Kings of War force to paint up. Exclusive of the nightstalkers units, two of the starter sets and 1 ambush set is 100 regular infantry, 9 large infantry, and 2 mounted characters. If you're splitting this with an abyssal dwarves player, that would be roughly $140 for all of those models and a copy of the compendium rule book. And all of that would be shipped free, because you'd hit the free shipping threshold between the two box sets and the ambush set.


Twilight kin are on preorder for release towards the end of the month. Get yours at the Twilight kin section of the store at the link below