Wargames Atlantic Restocks and Les Grognard Cavalry review

Wargames Atlantic Restocks and Les Grognard Cavalry review

Greetings all,

Today I've received restocks but also two new products from Wargames Atlantic:

Les Grognard Cavalry - Available as a full box of 9 or a sprue pack of 3.

Dark Age shields available as a full box or a sprue of 21.

If you were looking to pick up some of the Les Grognard Cavalry, I highly reccomend it. I've built a sprue pack for review:

Box quality:

As you can see by the images below, Wargames Atlantic boxes continue to be well put together with interesting visuals and engaging information.

The sprues:

While the horses sprue itself looks to be the new variant Wargames Atlantic has been working on for some time, I decided to focus on the full rider sprue, which is where most of the new parts in this kit reside.

Of note are new gas-mask heads with what looks to be an improvement in sculpting in regards to the gas mask and eye protection. the detail looks sharper and more defined.

The armored horse heads are also exceptional. Especially because the tusks shown in the box art are optional.

The swords are not your typical historical sabre made new in plastic - These are longer, curved, and have a detailed hilt/guard. The sculpted detail is top notch.

The Build:

These Cavalrymen went together relatively easily. I did need to match the cloth covering for the horses to the legs, and puzzle out how the band that wraps around the horse neck connected to the front armor plate. After that, it was mostly a breeze.

I made 3 cavalrymen. The middle rider, with the sword, is 100% from this kit.

The rider on the left has a head from the wargames atlantic death fields weapons upgrade sprue (you get 5 per sprue, so you'd only need 2 to have heads for a box of cavalry).

The rider on the right has a head wearing a boonie hat from the Wargames Atlantic OOH RAH set.

Cross compatibilty between kits is present and appreciated.

Final thoughts:

Even without the horse armor, these make good sci-fi cavalry. If you are looking for a good quality kit to build a few squadrons for your sci-fi army, this is certainly a top contender.

Parts could be numbered or have rudimentary instructions, but otherwise this is an intuitive kit to build and a seasoned hobbyist should have no issues.

I like the new details on the gas-mask heads. if these translate when les-grognard eventually gets an updated infantry kit, I think it would bring the range as a whole a step forward.

If you would like to get your own kits:

The Les Grognard Cavalry kit retails at $39.95. If you purchase from McDougall Designs you will receive an automatic 15% off at checkout.


Sprue packs of 3 miniatures are also available, for $13.49


BULK orders are available for those seeking mass amounts of cavalry. please enquire via email - mcdougalldesigns3d@gmail.com

I hope you have enjoyed this look at the newest sci-fi kit from Wargames Atlantic. McDougall Designs is a proud retail partner of Wargames Atlantic. The opinions expressed in the article above are from owner Max McDougall and draw upon his two decades of experience in the wargaming hobby.