website updates, new products and more!

website updates, new products and more!

Greetings, and welcome to another transparency and news update:

September was a whirlwind, and of course ended with hurricane Ian impacting the state of Florida. This interrupted business processes over the entirety of last week.

I'm back at work to pushing out 3D printed orders and bringing you even more exciting items from known brands and new designers.

The imperium desertum and imperium immortalis lines from shieldwolf miniatures are available for special order now:



I've also added a new line of 3D printed miniatures to the store from Kolbeh miniatures which brings new female warriors for your fantasy armies, along with an array of armored eastern might.

I will be adding more products throughout the remainder of this week, so remember to check back and see what's new.

I've also redesigned the website interface to allow for smoother navigation and an improved customer experience. You can now browse by model type as well as designer/manufacturer.

If you do not see a model from your favorite manufacturer on my webstore, email me at I will be happy to see if it is available.

Finally, I would like to note that the special order deadline for this month is October 9th at 11:59 PM

This includes: Mantic games, fireforge, shieldwolf, warlord games, firelock games.

Thid order will also coincide with a wargames Atlantic restock order, for those looking for boxed sets and sprues.

Please get your special order inquiries and orders in by 11:59 PM. On. October 9th 2022. Inquiries can be sent to