Win a free army set!

Win a free army set!

Want to win a free army set from one of the manufacturers I sell? Read below to see how you could win!


For every 1000 likes the Mcdougall Designs Facebook page receives (link directly below) a winner will be randomly selected to win a free army set from the pool of all those who have liked the page. The page is currently at 1.1 thousand likes.

 For every 1500 follows the TikTok page receives a random TikTok follower will be chosen at random to win an army set.

For every 100 orders I receive in a given month, one customer out of each hundred will be chosen at random.


Each winner from the above groups will win an army set of thier choice from any of the ranges I carry.*

If you have been thinking about picking up a warlord games army set to support your bold action forces or maybe a landsknecht army set to prep for Warhammer: The Old World, you could soon be doing so for no money out of pocket! Imagine a fresh brigade suddenly appearing in your black powder order of battle.

You could be marauding through Pannithor in Mantics Kings of War game system, or leading enforcers against asterians in firefight.

And as more manufacturers bring Army set options to the table, your pool of potential projects increases!

So share the Facebook page, or make a purchase no matter how small. I look forward to helping my customers make their hobby and art ideas to life

Winners will be chosen directly and either emailed or messaged through Facebook that they have one and that they have 24 hours to claim their prize before another random drawing occurs.

The winners choice of set will be used in promotional messaging. The winner's name will be kept private unless the winner gives permission when accepting the awarded set.

* The term "Army set" used in the above article means different things based on the manufacturer chosen. This section will be updated over time. (Current, as of 10-26-2023)

Warlord games: any army set within the current cost bracket of $135-170 USD.

Mantic games: Any army or Mega army set in any range available as regular catalog items. This includes but is not limited to the Kings of War and Firefight system.


Mcdougall Designs reserves the right to discuss possibilities for shipment if a winning customer is an international customer, due to climbing international freight rates.