3D printing support work and assistance.

3D printing is an great tool to be leveraged by wargamers around the world. Every day thousands of hobbyists around the globe print miniatures both large and small. Whether for Role playing games or tabletop warfare, 3d printed figures are a way to get unique miniatures for your collections.

However, 3d printing alao means spending time learning how to properly place supports and how to diagnose mechanical issues with their machines. For some, this is the equivalent of taking on a second hobby. 

I have been printing on demand and for the store for over 3 years now, and have spent the requisite time and effort learning how to properly support and diagnose issues on a range of machines.

As such, I am now offering technical assistance to fellow 3D printing hobbyists. This includes assisting with:

Supporting your miniatures, tailored to your printer. (Fee applies, tailored to the individual needs of the client )

Digital kitbashing services. If you have parts but not a care in the world to mess about with a rendering and slicer program to merge then together, I will do it for you. (Fee applies, tailored to individual needs)

Discussion and advice for issues and maintenance concerns that arise throughout use. Or for me to act as a spring board to help you move along your ideas. This also includes troubleshooting assistance for printer set up and advice for setting up a 3D printer(Free)

All of the above come with after service assistance. If your prints develop issues or you need changes made, I am more than happy to assist.

Email me at mcdougalldesigns3d@gmail.com if you require any of the above.