Transparency update 7-18-2022


3D printed items: production printers are running and the queue is still on schedule.

Wargames atlantic - I have more stock currently incoming via the post. if you have placed an order recently that went over my ready-shelf-available inventory, it will be here soon.

Mantic games july order - placed July 10th, delayed 7-18-22

I have received word from my Mantic Games Sales representative that my order has been delayed.

The reason given is that the "heat wave in the UK is making it very hard to cast resin right now." The new Empire of dust releases were specifically mentioned in this regard. 

I was also informed that as of last week, my order was marked as "priority" to go as soon as the casts are ready. There was no expected date of shipment given.

If you have an order containing mantic games products, I apologize for the delay but it is out of my hands.

Happy gaming,

Max M.

McDougall Designs.