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Black Powder Epic Battles

Hail Caesar Epic Battles: Allied Troops Division (preorder - July release)

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If you’re playing Hail Caesar Epic Battles, you’ll be needing allies – neither Rome nor Carthage can win the war along – and this plastic boxed set nets you allies aplenty, perfect for bolstering your ranks, whichever side you command!

Both Rome and Carthage employed a myriad of different allied troops in their armies, whether conquered peoples, mercenaries, or barbarian tribes eager for plunder. Most famously, Carthage’s armies were mostly composed of mercenary troops as the North African city could not call upon the seemingly endless manpower available to Rome.

The Romans also made great use of the surrounding Italian tribes, although the loyalties of these peoples could be fickle at best, with many defecting to Hannibal's side during his invasion of Italy. The miniatures in this set give players a wide variety of different troops to reinforce their armies, from swift Numidian light cavalry to the fierce Gallic Celts and Celtiberians and the renowned Spanish Scutarii.