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Mantic Games

The Chill of Twilight 2-player Ambush Starter Set

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    • 16x Hard Plastic Twilight Kin Corsair Voidwalkers/Fleetwardens
    • 3x Hard Plastic Twilight Kin Impalers
    • 20x Hard Plastic Ice Kin Hunters / Half-Elf Berserkers
    • 2x Hard Plastic Frostclaw Riders
    • 1x MDF 100x80mm Base
    • 2x MDF 100x40mm Bases
    • 2x MDF 150x50mm Bases
    • 1x Twilight Kin Ambush Sheet
    • 1x Northern Alliance Ambush Sheet
    • 1x Ambush Rulebook
    • 1x Ambush Scenario Sheet