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Wargames Atlantic

Wargames Atlantic Werewolves box PREORDER

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Preorder product page for a full box of Wargames Atlantic Werewolves. July 7th release from the manufacturer.

The Blood Cursed...the Fanged Ones...Nightpack...Lost Children of the Forest...whatever you call them the men and women who turn when the full moon shines are a scourge upon the Free Kingdoms. These half-man half-wolf beasts are both cunning and ferocious and once they pick up the scent of prey they are relentless. Villagers pray for the coming of the sun when the moon is full. 

This 20 figure box set gives you a variety of poses, arms, and heads to create a deadly pack of werewolves. 

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included. Product contents may vary from photos.